CD Motors, use the very latest "SMART" engine management diagnostic tools. 

The code reader plugs into your vehicles diagnostic port and interrogates the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to point us at the problem.

The Right Tools with the best Mechanics. 

We have combined the latest technology with great mechanics to achieve the performance you want from your vehicle. 

Not all vehicle problems are covered by the vehicles on board diagnostic port and like all computers even diagnostic tools can be fooled, these tools are only as good as :-

1. The Software   &   2. The reference data   &   3. The skilled mechanic 

With CD Motors you have the best for all 3.  

Working with highly sophisticated technology that is in all modern vehicles, you have to have the Tools & the Skills.

Confidence with CD Motors 

Mechanics checking your vehicle, will confirm with YOU, the customer, to let you know how much the repair will cost before we repair it.

What is Diagnostics?

Gone are the days of "do it yourself tune up" Since the early 80's all new cars have come with On Board Diagnostics (OBD) as standard. The ECU, Electronic Control Unit or on board computer had come of age. This and many other electronic components since, marked the end of the "doing it yourself".

 The specialist equipment to diagnose problems & working with very sophisticated systems require skilled specialists, that you find at CD motors.